Video game related works

KISS Psycho Circus The Nightmare Child Source recreation is a personal endeavor to recreate an old Dreamcast/PC game of my childhood. The game's basis was around the rock band, KISS, being sent into a dimension where they were elemental avatars given the task of saving the world from the Nightmare Child. The game was based off an a comic, which was in turn based off of their album, Psycho Circus. The entire game had a dark, twisted circus theme. This recreation aims to recapture this via the Source engine, developed by Valve Software.

College work

Blue Skies was definitely an experience to make. Early on in the development, our group (consisting of "Chubby" Powe, Carlton Randle, Jacob Dean, and myself) faced many problems deciding on what to do. We all had our own ideas, and couldn't really decide on what we wanted the final product to be. Having parents that have skydived for nearly a decade, I wanted to bring skydiving out of its dangerous light. As we filmed and the tapes came together to form what you see, we finalized our vision into telling Carlton's story as he goes on his first tandem skydive. I even got to see my wish fulfilled to a degree, and also brought in some typical skydiver humor.

Rock Bottom was the first project I had in college. Done in the first set of classes I had, we were tasked with creating a short film that was roughly seven minutes long, while also learning how to do so. I had fun with the group I was in, although we ran into troubles that were both our own fault and our lab instructor's (he kept insisting we get a ton more shots than we really needed, which ate a lot of time). While there was a lot of work to be done and we ran into quite a few problems, the entire project was fun, and I'm glad it turned out as good as it did.