Drawing - Schoolwork

All images are in chronological order by date drawn.

Drawing Bootcamp Term 2

An action figure. A headphone. A pocketknife A battery. A key A GBC Cartridge. A bell. A puzzle ball. A leaf A sprig of rosemary A lemon Skull 3-turn GBC MP3 Bathroom Bones of the hand Bones of the arm Bones of the leg Muscles of the face Muscles of the hand Muscles of the body

Drawing Bootcamp Term 1

A pear A bone A pencil sharpener My keyring My MP3 player A chess pawn A pendant A clove of garlic A cup A tack A 3-turn of a skull A skeleton A leg Arm bones Air Guitar Thumbnail BASE Thumbnail BASE jumper

Photography - Animals

buddiesToTheEnd EarsForward BATlas Whatchu Got